So born Skina Restaurant in Marbella

At Skina, we make an effort to transfer our passion creating a complete experience throughout the product and local raw material. From the sea to the Malaga mountain, passing through the narrow and historic streets of the well-known quarter of Marbella, imbued with the history and customs of Andalusia. According to our customer’s needs; their allergies and intolerances, we developed the product itself: truffles, seafood, homemade bread, and sweets.

These products accompany each recipe with a small glass of wine, chosen from the 700 references of our menu, being the menu admired by different winemakers of the world. The streets of the historic center of Marbella wrap us and makes us feel at home. A small place; camouflaged, wanting to shelter from the bright southern light. Perfect for the three main characteristics of creativity; tradition, vanguard, and flavor.

The roots of Skina Restaurant begins within my family, wanting to fulfill my dream; to do what I enjoy most in life.

Marcos Granda

The best seasonal products

In our small house, the products are of fundamental importance, being seasonally selected, choosing the best products from the “Marbellí market” each morning. We travel throughout Spain searching for producers that will be, later on, become part of our family. In this way, we achieve to obtain the best raw materials, offering our customers the best experience. Our menu is constantly changing to achieve the constant appearance of new products. In this way, we obtain a unique experience, enhanced by the world flavors making Skina an unforgettable place.

The experience

In Skina, Mediterranean cuisine is elaborated based on high-quality products. Having vanguard techniques making an exquisite mixture of contrasts. Rescuing the flavors of the traditional Andalusian cuisine we create gastronomy with sensations and pleasures, enchanted with a varied and select wine menu that makes the customer experience rise to the maximum expression of good taste.

Our wine selection

“The winery of Skina is a recognition to the small producers of the best viticultural areas in the world. It reflects my taste and admiration of the Chardonnay grape of Burgundy and the Champagnes of small production. I always tried to get a wine list with old vintages, mythical wines. Moreover, I make sure that these are in optimal condition and at their best time of consumption”


Monday to Saturday

6:30pm to 10.30pm




952 76 52 77

Calle Aduar, 12,

29601 Marbella, Málaga


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