Tasty Creativity


We, at Skina, make an honest effort for transmitting our passion to you, through our drawing up, providing a complete experience of the local product and commodity. Savouring from the sea, up to the mountains of Málaga, walking down the narrow and historic alleyways of Marbella´s old town, impregnated with Andalusian history and tradition.

Passion leads to sacrifice, sacrifice to an effort and the effort to success…


Marbella couldn´t be understood
without its spirit.
So Skina´s kitchen revolves
around its fruits and influences.

Fruits of the Sea

The goods of the sea receive at our small “home” a fundamental importance. We base ourselves in the season of each species, and choose day by day the best, that offers Marbella´s town market in the morning.

The creative process

Kitchen based in tradition, in the attachment to the soil, to Andalusia, the land where we are, its larder room and habits, with our own personality…

The Mountains

The clima of the south
moulds our culture
and our identity

Sampling menu

Jaume Puigdengolas elaborates a Mediterranean kitchen based on best-choice -products, with a creative touch of avant-garde and modernism, realising an exquisite mixture of contrasts and rescuing the Traditional Andalusia Kitchen; a kitchen of sensations and pleasures. Adding up an outstanding harmony of our selected and assorted wine list, we achieve that the palate of our dishes raises to a maximum expression of good taste.

Wine list

Thanks to the hand of sommelier Marcos Granda we offer a selection of small manufacturers and honour the passion of their developments and blooms, their soil, climate and vineyards of each area. A little tribute to the sacrifice of every single wine-grower, their love and tenacity…

The location

A labyrinth of alleys, hidden and camouflaged of lime,
wishing to protect themselves from the bright southern light.
The streets of the old town wrap us up and let us feel at home.
A small place, perfect for the communion of creativity, tradition,
avant-garde and taste.


The fulfilled dream of these two enthusiasts of the gastronomy, who can rely on the support of the whole human group, that works day by day at Skina. The familiar concept defines our house – a “small big family”.


5 senses, culture, history and innovation. The experience is lived by travelling over our dishes and narrated through the outskirts. Realize your reservation.

We are recommended by Azcari Club Ronda and Michelin Guide

First Michelin star at 2009 edition. Thanks to all the human team of Skina, the award of one star from the worldwide most prestigious gastronomic guide.